by Al Orensanz

Mind appears as a conscientious dynamic lab that endlessly reports, recreates, rememorizes, reconstructs, edits, connects, and suppresses. It works as an atelier of reproduction, storage and facilitation. Language is a mechanism that fixes, establishes, generates and closes arguments originated by the mind of the speaker and of the receiver. The act between mind and language always mediates a span of time that can be seconds, hours or even days. Memory is a repository of the experiences and of the language. Memory mediates between mind and language.

magazineMind, memory and language are a common mechanism to all human beings that coordinate senses through their basic operations and mechanisms. Language varies from group to group and from individual to individual. Mind seems to work universally, whereas language changes from region to region and from epoch to epoch.

The trouble is that the mind does not want to stay alone and constantly looks for and needs language incessantly, from birth to death, day to night. Language and mind operate separately but cooperatively.

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