When we decided on what the central theme would be for this issue, we agreed that we would talk about what the economic situation was and about how it was affecting, or not, artistic creation and production, but always from an optimistic point of view or simply a positive one. Thinking that, in effect, the situation is also affecting art, but that we have to look forward and project more than lament. Without a doubt, optimism is the last thing that we can lose, and even more so in a situation like the one that’s happening to us now. Think about it-- we chose a moment like this to start this project. Like the old advice goes: Keep your chin up in the face of adversity.

That was the idea that we tried to transmit to all of the contributors for this #01 issue. It was something that everyone shared with us and they were all enthusiastic about transmitting it. But in the end, although there are good intentions, in this issue reality is what it is and it is inevitable that the reader might feel a little alarmed after reading the final page.

And maybe it is because it’s not only about an economic question, but it’s also about other types of latent issues like the necessity of searching for new artists, new curators or new concepts, and not just by crossing to the other side of the East River. The thing is, there is no direct flight to the place where perhaps we have to go in search of… just as much fresh air for the system and the economy-- as for art.

Bottom line: Move forward, and look to see what this situation can contribute. Perhaps fresh water for Western creativity that was already a little wilted or perhaps an opportunity to report on what has been happening for some time now. What is for sure now is that the oft-mentioned recession is also affecting us. Yes, it’s true that now some consequences are beginning to be noted and we cannot stay hidden thinking that this does not involve us.

So that’s it, then, there is no action without reaction, and I think that this is something that is evident in this issue. Things are how they are, but we continue projecting and creating, maybe now more than ever.

Past Number 00